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Guest Posting

Guest posting is a method of getting your content published in the other websites with a purpose of getting something for it. In most cases, it’s a backlink to your site or brand exposure, referral traffic. On the other side, website owner gets new content which would have cost him money if he’d have write it himself.

Why do you need guest posting services

These services are one of the most effective ways to improve your off-site SEO or brand awareness because of:

  1. Effective for SEO. Because a lot of sites are very happy to get great content, guest posting gives you an opportunity to get backlinks from very authoritative websites
  2. Control. In most cases, you can select whatever anchor text of a link you can include in a guest post so that gives you a full control of your backlink profile
  3. People read guest posts. Usually new content appears in website’s homapage or on a top of a Blog section, so many people will see a guest post and will read it. If content will be really awesome, they’ll read the post and will see your link or a brand mention. Now that moment right there is when your brand awareness grows
  4. Scalability. Accepting guest posts is one of the most common monetization ways for websites so be sure that a lot of website owners are waiting for our requests

How do we work

It’s very simple, we have a huuuuge database of high quality websites which accept guest posts. Just tell us your requirements for a website (you can do it below) and we will show you the most relevant opportunities.

We evaluate websites according to these metrics:

– Domain Authority (DA)

– Domain Rating (DR)

– Ahrefs Ogranic Traffic

– Number of overall referring domains, .gov/.org/.edu ref domains

– Number of outgoing domains

– Majestic Trust Flow, Citation Flow

– Majestic Topical Groups

And many more that are important to your marketing strategy.

Let’s get started

Well, shall we try working together? It will cost you NOTHING until you finally see the result. Let us know your requirements for websites and we will get back to you in 24 hours: